Decontamination of soils and underground waters

Tecoman’s technical team offers a commitment to work and high customer service. All this based on extensive experience in the field of soil and groundwater decontamination. Likewise, it has complete sets of instrumentation and machinery for a correct execution of all the projects that are entrusted.

  • Research and characterisation of soils and underground waters.
  • Drillings and implementation and monitoring of piezometers.
  • Soil Remediation Projects both in-situ and ex-situ.
  • Pilot tests and laboratory tests.
  • Quantitative analysis and assessment of environmental risks, type models (RBCA) (RISK).
  • Installation, maintenance and control of the fixed and mobile modular equipment we use for the treatment of pollutants in the subsoil and groundwater.
  • Integrated administrative management of all the necessary environmental processes with the different administrations involved.
  • Own means and equipment for environmental emergencies.
  • Specific coverage in Civil and Environmental Liability for all our technical and professional work.