Integrated management of liquid and solid waste


  • Transportation, treatment and integrated management of authorised liquid waste
  • Transportation, treatment and management of residues in contaminated soils.
  • Cleaning of decanters, hydrocarbon separators
  • Cleaning and degasification of fuel tanks.
  • Waste minimization (in-situ preventive maintenance of hydrocarbon separators).
  • Cleaning of gratings and scuppers at service stations


  • Initial technical visit, study of maintenance operational needs.
  • Studies on waste minimization
  • Leak testing in tanks and pipes (MI-IP 04).
  • Projects to eliminate obsolete fuel tanks (MI-IP 06)
  • Anual declaration of waste

Equipment and instrumentation

  • R+D+I Mobile equipment for in-situ cleaning and treatment. Advantage: reduction of waste volume.
  • Clean point for waste storage
  • Supply of environmental kit for emergency response: absorbents, grating shutter and scuppers.