Monitoring, supervision and sampling of environmental facilities


  • Environmental technical control on wastewater treatment and hydrocarbon water treatment plants. (WWTP’s, decanters, separators.)
  • Inspection and supervision of purification systems, sampling and analysis of discharged water
  • Sampling of environmental works: sampling and analysis of waters and soils.
  • Samplings of water supplies, in compliance with regulation RD human consumption.
  • Maintenance, conservation and repairing of water pumping equipment.
  • Maintenance, conservation and repairing equipment and accessories that integrate the wastewater treatment systems.


  • Environmental consultancy.
  • Environmental Due Diligence.
  • Environmental assessments and audits on subsoil contamination
  • Analysis of possible environmental liabilities in the different industrial activities.
  • Environmental improvement projects.

Equipment and instrumentation

  • Mobile equipment for repairing and maintenance of facilities.
  • Meter and sampling analyser for simple analysis
  • Meter and sampling analyser for compound analysis
  • Meter and portable analyser.