At Tecoman we join in the celebration of World Environment Day on 5 June. This event, which first took place in 1974, has grown to become the world’s largest environmental outreach platform, with millions of people around the world committed to protecting the planet.

Tackling plastic pollution

This year’s World Environment Day 2023 focuses on solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. Every year, plastic generates more than 430 million tonnes of waste that does not biodegrade.

Taking hundreds of years to decompose, when discarded, plastic accumulates in the environment to a critical point. This pollution chokes marine wildlife, deteriorates soil, poisons groundwater and can have serious consequences for human health. In addition, plastic negatively affects the climate crisis by generating millions of metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Awareness campaign

Tecoman supports the international awareness campaign for systemic change to effectively address the plastic pollution crisis.

In this sense, we are committed to moving from the current linear economy of plastic, which focuses on producing, using and disposing of the material, to a circular economy, in which the plastic that is produced maintains its maximum economic value for as long as possible. In other words, it remains useful in one way or another without having to be disposed of.

Tecoman, environmentally friendly solutions

Our environmental engineering company carries out environmentally friendly waste management. In the case of plastic, this means finding solutions for maximum energy recovery, for recycling and for disposal with the least risk to health and the environment. In addition, our research department carries out studies for the minimisation of industrial plastic waste.